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VisaPro offers a full range of immigration services, with a special emphasis on non-immigrant and immigrant visas. Our attorneys also represent clients in quasi-judicial and administrative proceedings in the United States.
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Discover more about our practice areas:
Work Visas
Executive Transfers
Family-Based Immigration
Student Visas
Employer Regulatory Compliance
Mergers and Acquisitions
Global Visas
Litigation and Appeals
1 Work Visas

VisaPro's attorneys have years of experience helping U.S. and Foreign companies and individuals with their visa requirements for employment in the U.S.

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2  Executive Transfers

VisaPro assists overseas subsidiaries, affiliates and partners by facilitating transfer of employees between foreign and U.S. branch offices.

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3 Family-Based Immigration

VisaPro gives personal attention and reassurance to family members who must deal with the complexities of U.S. immigration law. Our attorneys assist individual clients throughout the world to select the immigration option best suited to their needs, and guide them in pursuing the chosen option.

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4 Student Visas

Our attorneys provide comprehensive advice and assistance with documentation, consular process and employment authorization options to F-1 and M-1 students, and J-1 exchange visitors coming to the U.S. Our attorneys also assist American universities and companies that employ international students and exchange visitors.

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5 Employer Regulatory Compliance

VisaPro attorneys advise and train U.S. employers and HR managers on Regulatory Compliance planning and strategy. Our attorneys also help in drafting employment policies for foreign nationals to ensure compliance with immigration as well as federal and state laws.
6 Mergers and Acquisitions

Our attorneys help companies involved in business transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs by maintaining the work authorization of foreign nationals for successor companies, and by assisting companies in meeting governmental filing and immigration requirements.
7 Global Visas

VisaPro's extensive network in foreign countries allows the Global Visas team to help U.S. companies swiftly move key executives, management personnel, and technical staff to foreign countries without disruption and legal entanglements.
8 Litigation and Appeals

VisaPro attorneys regularly file actions on behalf of clients in the Board of Immigration Appeals, Federal District Courts and Circuit Court of Appeals. We represent clients for Writs of Habeas Corpus and Petitions for Relief in detention matters, mandamus and injunctive actions for unjustified USCIS delays, and class action litigation to ensure that the USCIS follows the law and affords aliens the due process to which they are entitled.
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