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Consular Processing for Green Card


Miscellaneous Grounds

You may be denied an Immigrant visa if:
You are coming to the U.S. to practice polygamy
You are a guardian accompanying an inadmissible alien
You are an international child abductor, or a supporter or a relative of an international child abductor
You are a former U.S. citizen who renounced citizenship to avoid taxation

J-1 visa Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement

You may be denied an Immigrant visa if:
You have participated in a J-1 program in the U.S. and were financed by an agency of the U.S. government or by the government of the country of your nationality, or your last residence
You have not resided in your home country for at least two years following departure from the U.S. or received a waiver of the 2 year residency requirment
Note: Some former J-1 exchange visitors must live abroad for 2 years. Physicians who intend to practice medicine must pass a qualifying exam before receiving immigrant visas.

Applying for Consular Visa Processing of your Immigrant Visa

Consular visa processing is the last step in the process for becoming a permanent resident of the U.S. When the USCIS approves your immigrant petition, it will send the petitioner a notice of approval, Form I-797. The USCIS will also forward the approved petition to the National Visa Center, which will contact the intending immigrant when an immigrant visa number becomes available.
Once an immigrant visa number becomes available, you may apply for an immigrant visa at an American Consulate nearest your residence. Your application must include:
DOS Form DS-230, Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Form
USCIS Form I-864, Affidavit of Support (completed by the sponsor). This requirement may not apply to you if you are applying for immigrant visa based on an employment petition
Copy of the approval notice sent by the USCIS, if your immigration petition has been approved
Copy of the USCIS Form I-130 or the USCIS Form I-140 as filed
Evidence that your last residence is in the country where you are applying for your immigrant visa
Documents showing your employment information for the last ten years
Police certificates from every country where you resided for more than one year since the age of 16

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Services offered by VisaPro

Our experienced immigration attorneys will prepare and file all the required documents for your Consular Processing application. Our services include:
Complete review of all your personal circumstances
Confirmation that the Consular Processing is appropriate for you
Identification of important legal issues that may affect your Consular Processing application
Checklist of documents that you need for your Consular Processing application
Accurate preparation of your Consular Processing application
Submission of your Consular Processing application to the proper government agencies
Careful co-ordination of all correspondence with government agencies
Expert advise on how to handle yourself at your Consular or USCIS interview, and what to expect
Online access to your case status
Unlimited personal communication with your own VisaPro immigration attorney
Fast, easy and secure processing through your personal online VisaPro account

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