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B1 Visa Process

(Business Visitors)
The B1 Business Visitor visa is available to visitors seeking short-term entry into the U.S. to engage in legitimate business activities of a commercial or professional nature that do not involve receiving salary or payment of any kind from a U.S. source.

Note: B1 visa holders may not receive salary, compensation, etc. from any U.S. source except for reimbursement of incidental travel expenses only.

B1 Visa is appropriate for:

Employees of a foreign company coming to the U.S. to:
Solicit sales, negotiate contracts, or take orders from established customers
Engage in consultations with U.S. business associates
Foreign business persons coming to the U.S. to:
Attend professional conferences or conventions or executive seminars
Undertake independent research, such as product or market research
Make investments
Foreign physicians coming to the U.S. to:
Observe new procedures and
Offer consulting services without performing any patient care
Personal/domestic servants accompanying:
Returning U.S. citizens who are temporarily assigned to the U.S. and who permanently reside in a foreign country
B, E, F, H, I, J or L visa holders
Professional entertainers coming to the U.S. to:
Participate in a cultural program sponsored by their home country to perform before a nonpaying audience
Participate in a competition for which there is no remuneration, other than a prize (monetary or otherwise) and expenses
Professional athletes coming to the U.S. to:
Participate in a tournament or sporting event, and receive no salary or payment other than prize money
Foreign missionary workers coming to the U.S. to:
Perform missionary work on behalf of a religious denomination, provided that they will not receive any remuneration from the U.S. other than an allowance or other reimbursement for expenses incidental to their stay
Engage in an evangelical tour provided they do not receive remuneration from a U.S. source, other than offerings contributed at each evangelical meeting
Preach or exchange pulpits with their U.S. counterparts, provided the church in their native countries reimburses them
Participate in voluntary service program which benefits a U.S. local community provided they do not receive any salary or remuneration other than an allowance or reimbursement for expenses incidental to their stay from the U.S. sponsor

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Benefits of the B1 Visa

You do not require an approved visa petition from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to apply for the B1 visa
You can apply for a B1 visa in person at an American Consulate nearest to your residence
The B1 visa is quicker and easier to obtain
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